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Cityville City Expansion: The Beauty in Expanding Land Limits

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aimreal Cityville City Expansion: The Beauty in Expanding Land Limits

The Beauty in Expansion

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Same is true in Cityville where you as a mayor have a variety of options of what beauty is to you. Is it having a variety of houses but slowing the expansion of your land or having the same houses but expanding your city land limits at a massive pace. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Guess its part of being a mayor in your virtual city. Get some more ideologies regarding beauty of expansions.

Looking at Cityville’s Required Zoning Permits to Expand Guide, pay close attention to the number of Zoning Permits and Coins needed to buy land. Clearly seen as daylight, the permits and Coins increases every time you expand. So, better plan accordingly. Or not.

If you started asking and gifting Zoning Permits early in the game, you’ll have enough as you level up. Hoarding so much Zoning Permits in early levels will do you much good as you level up as nothing will stop you in expanding and designing your city.

With the current addition of Population Requirement, however daunting to look at, may not be such a big deal at early levels. This is because of quests. Quests that requires you to build Community Buildings to increase your Overall Population and build Houses to accommodate guests and vacationers to your city. If you’re completing quests in acceptable timely manner, then you’re gonna be fine. Smoothly expanding your city to the ends of what you can see.

But when you get to higher levels, you now have to decide if you prefer beauty or “Bay Point Duplexes.” A Bay Point Duplex is a 4×4 sized house with a capacity of 230 Population. It costs only 30,000 coins and takes 6 energy to build. This the cheapest high-capacity house you can build to reach the needed but totally ridiculous Population Requirement for Expansion.

Of course, if you do this for the sake of expanding and buying land, your city will be full of Bay Point Duplexes and would make your city unattractive. So, where’s the the fun? Where’s the creativity? The freedom to design your very own city to your liking?

You can expand to your heart’s desire and then just wait until Cityville updates a reasonable Population Requirement for Expansion. Because the fun in playing Cityville is planning and designing of your very own city, right?

Well, it’s your city. You’re the mayor. It’s your decision.

Just remember, coins are easier to get when you built your city right. So to built a better and profitable city, read more tips and tricks from this site.

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