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Cityville City Expansion: Prioritize Asking and Gifting Neighbor Requests

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aimreal4 Cityville City Expansion: Prioritize Asking and Gifting Neighbor Requests

Zoning Permit: Prioritize Asking and Gifting Neighbor Requests

To be a successful Cityville Mayor, you need help from your neighbors to get you to higher levels faster. Best example would be “Zoning Permits” where friends can get you a long way ahead. Know its importance and why you should prioritize.

Of course, if you have a Goal or Community Building you’d like to finish first, or urgently need to, then ask and gift those materials instead. Just remember to collect as many Zoning Permits as possible as you level up.

You may not need to expand too much in lower levels like level 4 or level 18 as your treasury of Coins may not be as high as you want it to be. There’s so much to build. So many Quests to complete. And saving coins is not much a priority. Building your city is, right?

But as you level up to, let’s say level 40, you may have many coins, but run out of land to build. Without land, you’ll be stuck. Your city’s development would flat-lined. And if that happens, are you willing to delete or remove unprofitable houses, businesses, decorations, buildings?…

Removing “Rita’s Country Home” or “Bakery” will be a very bad idea. The quest “Rita’s Rent” needs you to collect rent from Rita’s Country Home to be completed. The Bakery even if it’s a low-profit business, is needed for some new Quests to pop-up. So, if some Quests check if you have certain businesses built in your city before that Quest pops-up to your screen, it’s better to have every kind of businesses in your city.

Land is very, very, very important indeed. A good rule to abide would be is, always ask and gift Zoning Permits then expand when you can.

Don’t mind empty spaces or vacant land in your city. You can always lay out some “Farm Plots” and plant “Peas” to make use of it, temporarily. It’s okay. You’ll be more than fine. And if you ever need land, just remove some of those temporary farmlands and poof! You have your land back again. It’s there. Just like that. Lucky you.

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