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Cityville: Energy Guide and Maximum Limits

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aimreal5 Cityville: Energy Guide and Maximum Limits

How to get lots and lots of Energy in Cityville?

It takes 4 minutes to get back one used up Energy in Cityville. So, if you wanna fill up your yellow Energy bar to the maximum capacity of 30, you do the math. 4 minutes times 30 is 120 minutes. Or 2 hours. You have to wait for 2 hours before you can do anything more in Cityville.

But don’t be fret messieurs and mademoiselles. There are ways to get stacks and stacks of energies.

aimreal5 Cityville: Energy Guide and Maximum Limits

Way #1
Request gifts of Energy +3 from your friends and neighbors everyday

Way #2
Gift Energy +3 items to your active Cityville neighbors

Gifting and Asking/Requesting in Cityville are two different things. You can ask or request an Energy +3 item from your neighbors. And then, you can still gift them Energy +3 items. Hopefully, they will return you the favor and gift back another Energy +3.

Of course, if you have many, many neighbors and friends in Cityville, better gift first those active mayors as they’re likely to return the favor to you everyday.

Way #3
Visit all your friends and neighbors cities everyday

When you visit a neighbor for the first time for the day, you are rewarded by 1 Energy. If you have a new friend as a Cityville neighbor, then visiting your new neighbor’s city, you’ll be rewarded with 10 Energy!

So, if you need more energy for today, visit your neighboring cities. You’ll get Energies as much as how many cities you’ve visited.

Cityville’s Maximum Energy per Level List
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Updated : March 12, 2011

Level Required XP Max Energy
#1 0 XP 12 energy
#2 4 XP 13 energy
#3 16 XP 14 energy
#4 31 XP 15 energy
#5 78 XP 16 energy
#6 125 XP 17 energy
#7 172 XP 18 energy
#8 219 XP 19 energy
#9 276 XP 20 energy
#10 343 XP 21 energy
#11 420 XP 22 energy
#12 507 XP 23 energy
#13 604 XP 24 energy
#14 711 XP 25 energy
#15 828 XP 26 energy
#16 955 XP 27 energy
#17 1092 XP 28 energy
#18 1239 XP 29 energy
#19 1396 XP 30 energy

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