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Cityville Layout: Build to Riches. Increase your Payout Bonuses!

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aimreal Cityville Layout: Build to Riches. Increase your Payout Bonuses!

To get the most Coins per Click, decorate your City for Maximum Payout Bonus!

Coins can do so much in Cityville. You need Coins to build a house. To put up a business. To franchise. To expand. Buy boats. Schedule trains and ship routes. Farming. Place some roads or sidewalks. Add various decorations to make your city green and stunning. And almost every single thing you can do in Cityville, you need Coins.

So basically, having a lot of Coins can make or break your city’s rapid development. How can your city progress without land? Progress without rents? Progress without goods? And through these building, buying, expanding, franchising, farming, shipping and everything else like clicking houses or businesses can make you level up faster.

Energy or the number of times you can click on houses or anything in Cityville to build or collect rent is the limiting factor any would-be mayor has to accept in this game. The energy bar or yellow bar at the top of the screen indicates how much energy or how many clicks you still have.

So if clicks are numbered, every click we do should matter. And to get more Coins, you should click first the business that has the highest collection of Coins to give, right?

To maximize the collection of Coins, decorating the space around businesses is proven profitable. A decoration item gives off Payout Bonuses to businesses and houses within 3 squares all around it. Take for example the simple “Shade Tree.” A Shade Tree gives out 1% Payout Bonus to all businesses and houses around it that are within 3 squares from it. But putting a decoration in the middle of businesses to spread its Payout Bonus to all businesses within its range is not as much as profitable when you concentrate all decorations’ accumulated Payout Bonuses to a single business. That’s of course profitable in terms of one single click.

With that logic in mind, the placements of decorations in your city should be planned to maximize your Coins. But designing your city should also be fun. So, to aimreal, only surround your most profitable businesses for maximum payouts.  And the rest like the houses, the piers and the farms, is all up to you.

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