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Cityville Layout: Maximize Payout Bonus of 3×3 Business for Starters

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aimreal1 Cityville Layout: Maximize Payout Bonus of 3×3 Business for Starters

In Cityville, you need a lot of coins. If you need a lot of coins, then you have to collect a lot of coins. And to collect a lot of coins, you must a strategy on where to click first around your city.

But simple as it seems, most mayors don’t do this. Why? Well, maybe because they hate math. And forgot common sense. But hey, that’s life.

Kidding aside, everybody knows knowledge is power. And in the Internet, knowledge is everywhere. So, if you know how to dig, you’ll find it. If you’re looking at this site, then you found treasure.

layout3x3a 300x300 Cityville Layout: Maximize Payout Bonus of 3×3 Business for Starters

Between houses and businesses, which gives more coins?


Between businesses and franchises, which gives more coins?

Well, it’s kinda like a trick question as they are the same business. But for a franchised business, you’ll have supplies from neighbors every now and then. So, having a franchise’s a winner.

And for you to be able to setup many franchises in your city, you must have a lot of friends. And if you’re just starting out, as in level 1, then having many high-level neighbors who are willing to put up a franchise in your city means a lot of coins.

But if you prefer to build and finance your city with your very own businesses first, then your most profitable business is the “Coffee Shop.” The Coffee Shop will cost you 600 coins to buy and will give you 320 coin collection per click. That’s without any Payout Bonuses.

To maximize profits, you should place many decorations around your business to increase its Payout Bonuses. When you’re just starting your “Dot on the Map,” you would have limited resources. Low on coins. Not much land. And your business choices, LOCKED. But having 15 friends as neighbors, you’ll unlock and have the “Seafood Restaurant” as your most profitable 3×3 business.

Follow the 3×3 Business Payout Bonus Layout above and choose from the variety of decorations from the table below.

Best Possible Coins/Cash Decorations’ Payout Bonus List
of 3×3 Business for Starters

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Updated : March 12, 2011

Land Decoration/s Cost Payout Bonus %
1×1 Blue Dog House
Brick Wall
City Fence
City Flag
Flower Patch
Shade Tree
50 coins 1%
Ole Windmill 7 Cash 2%
1×2 Bronze Statue 3,000 coins 2%
2×2 Barricade 200 coins 4%
Pink Flowers 300 coins 4%

Going back to your most profitable 3×3 business, the Coffee Shop for example, start decorating by placing the inner decorations of pink and green circles around it as shown in the above picture.

“Shade Trees” are 1×1 possible decorations, costing 50 coins to buy and “Pink Flowers” or “Barricade” are 2×2 decorations, costing 300 and 200 coins respectively.

I prefer Pink Flowers as they don’t imply something like “under construction.” But if you’re not happy in spending that extra 100 for the Pink Flowers then by all means buy all those Shade Trees in exchange for those 8 Pink Flowers immediately touching around your 3×3 business which in our example, a Coffee Shop.

But the 16 Pink Flowers in the outer portions of the above layout (pink circles that are titled in black “2×2 deco”) can’t be exchange into Shade Trees. As decorations’ Payout Bonuses extend only by 3 squares all around them, they won’t reach your 3×3 business. You can try to place 4 Shade Trees there, and see only 2% or two of the four trees are giving your Coffee Shop some Payout Bonuses.

But you can exchange the 3 outer Shade Trees for 3 “Bronze Statue” that cost 3,000 coins each. It’s just that, I don’t think 3% additional Payout Bonus is a good investment or profit-wise. But hey, if you have extra coins, why not.

For starters, that’s mainly what you can achieve to afford or what’s available to you. If you have 15 neighbors and can save up to afford the “Seafood Restaurant,” then put that 3×3 business there, instead of the Coffee Shop. With its 609 coin collection and ideally a 105% Payout Bonuses from the decoration layout above, you can get about 1,248 coin collection or 592 more coins per click!

Just keep in mind to decorate even just one of your most profitable business from the start to maximize your earning of coins. And when you can afford to decorate another 3×3 business or even a 4×4 business, then much better. More coins for you per click.

And as you level up, you will have more options in decorations and what 3×3 business to open. See another decoration layout for 3×3 business on another post in this site.

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