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Cityville Material Links Starting with A

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cv80 Cityville Material Links Starting with A

And, what’s starts with A high note in Cityville’s material links? From the A-list of list, A list of material links that is, every Cityville Mayor can be assured of finishing quests and buildings about education, travel, entertainment, leisure and explorations.

All you have to do is right click on a picture or material name. Choose “Open link in new tab” to request that much needed material. You can also gift some materials if you’re feeling generous. Gift links are in green colored names. Open as many tabs, even for the same links of material. As long as your browser can handle these tabs, it’s okay. Just be sure you’re already logged in to your Facebook account, before requesting or gifting from these links. If you don’t, then you’ll have to login on every tab you’ve opened, which would not be A very good idea.

Ah, well, well, well… What you have to do is Act now. These “A” quality grade materials are not that many, but surely by using these, will take you far and high. Check out: Cityville: Guide to Unlimited Request using Material Links for step by step instructions on how to use this material links’ list.

For more in-depth look playing CityVille, join the CityVille Club and be the best Mayor you can be.

Cityville’s Unlimited Material Links Gift Request List
Starting with Alphabet A

Bookmark this list by pressing CTRL-D (windows) or CMD-D (mac). Or Link to this Post! Share the Love at the end of this Post. To quickly find materials you need, press CTRL-F (windows) or CMD-F (mac). Request links are in black. Gift links are green. For other Gift and Request Links, read “Notes” at end of table.

The “A” Materials and Goods

Notes : The above links are working as of May 16, 2012.

Happy Cityville-ing!,,

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