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Cityville Material Links Starting with E

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cv80 Cityville Material Links Starting with E

Ever wonder how to build towers and neighborhoods faster?

Easy as pie. Ease finishing quests and goals quickly. Easily build more businesses. More houses. Erecting skycrapers in record time. And while you’re at it, get free Energies as a bonus. Be the envy of many Mayors in Cityville.

Enjoy the perks, knowing the secret. Join the exclusive club now while you still can.

Elevate your game playing by requesting materials you need. And not the other way around. You see, sending or gifting your fellow Cityville Mayors materials that you want doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the same thing back. Mystery Gifts, may it be blue, red or gold is a gambler’s choice. The better way is calling all the shots.

Every mayor can request all the materials they ever wanted, by right clicking on these pictures or names on the table below. Just be sure to sign in to your Facebook account first and play Cityville, or you’ll end up entering your login informations on every tab you’ve opened.

Er, if you’re feeling generous, then by all means gift your loyal neighboring friends some energies as a thank you. But as for this site, we can’t use those energies. Though, donations or linking to this page is very much appreciated. Check out: Cityville: Guide to Unlimited Request using Material Links for step by step instructions on how to use this material links’ list.

For more in-depth look playing CityVille, join the CityVille Club and be the best Mayor you can be.

Cityville’s Unlimited Material Links List
Gift and Request Materials Starting with Alphabet E

Bookmark this list by pressing CTRL-D (windows) or CMD-D (mac). Or Link to this Post! Share the Love at the end of this Post. To quickly find materials you need, press CTRL-F (windows) or CMD-F (mac). Request links are in black. Gift links are green. For other Gift and Request Links, read “Notes” at end of table.

The “E” Materials and Energies

Notes : The above links are working as of May 16, 2012.

Happy Cityville-ing!,,

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