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Cityville Material Links Starting with O

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cv80 Cityville Material Links Starting with O

Old saying goes like, “No man is an island.” That’s what others say. And in this Facebook game, Cityville, that saying definitely rings true. To progress faster in this popular game, the more friends you have, the faster you’ll level up and expand.

Oh, but what if you just have four friends or less. A few friends. A closest of friends. Friends who are your neighbors playing Cityville, having fun just like you. Never fret, a workaround is just around this corner. Search through our list of material links and you’ll never feel alone again.

One word to describe this strategy is fanatic. Seems odd, but it works like a charm.

Open a new tab to Facebook and login. Then go back to this page and search through the list of materials links to find what you need. Right click on every link you want and open these links to new tabs. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same material or not. Open many tabs. Pick the neighbors you can request from. Pick the same friends over and over on every request tab. Just be sure, these friends are playing Cityville or else, you’d be regarded as unfriendly. Or unneighborly of some sort. Then, go over the tabs again. But this time pressing the “Send” button to mail all your material requests.

Overall, having a handful of neighbors is never a reason for you, not to have fun designing your dream city in Cityville. C’mon and show-off the city of your dreams. Check out: Cityville: Guide to Unlimited Request using Material Links for step by step instructions on how to use this material links’ list.

For more in-depth look playing CityVille, join the CityVille Club and be the best Mayor you can be.

Cityville’s Unlimited Material Links List
Gift and Request Materials Starting with Alphabet O

Bookmark this list by pressing CTRL-D (windows) or CMD-D (mac). Or Link to this Post! Share the Love at the end of this Post. To quickly find materials you need, press CTRL-F (windows) or CMD-F (mac). Request links are in black. Gift links are green. For other Gift and Request Links, read “Notes” at end of table.

The “O” Materials and Goods

Notes : The above links are working as of March 2, 2012.

Happy Cityville-ing! All Links ,,

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