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Cityville Material Links Starting with X, Y and Z

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cv80 Cityville Material Links Starting with X, Y and Z

X-ray vision of the future? Is it possible? Yes? Zip! Or maybe. Well, who can tell?! One thing is certain. There is a way to request gifts and materials that is more efficient. So you can get them much quicker. You can complete your quests faster. Finish buildings in just a day rather than a week. Hoard a lot of Zoning Permits and have some peace of mind. And in time, you can focus more on designing and beautifying your dream city. Thus, enjoying the game. And have much more fun.

You have the power to achieve a lot of potential for your city. Start requesting materials now.

Zoning Permits are needed to expand and have more land to build your houses, business, attractions and roads. To start collecting these permits and other materials you will need, find the material links from the list below. Then right click on these request links and open these on new tabs. It can be the same materials on every tabs. Or different ones on every other tabs. When you’re done with that, go through each opened tabs and select the neighbors and friends you want to request materials from. When you’ve reached the last request tab, go back to the first tab and start clicking each of their “Send” buttons. When you see the “Loading…” picture of Cityville, it means, your request has already been sent. So, you may now close those tabs. And when you’re lucky enough to have even a few active neighbors, by the next day you’ll have all the materials you need to complete a quest. Or have all that materials to finish that expensive skyscraper building. Check out: Cityville: Guide to Unlimited Request using Material Links for step by step instructions on how to use this material links’ list.

For more in-depth look playing CityVille, join the CityVille Club and be the best Mayor you can be.

Cityville’s Unlimited Material Links List
Gift and Request Materials Starting with Alphabet X, Y and Z

Bookmark this list by pressing CTRL-D (windows) or CMD-D (mac). Or Link to this Post! Share the Love at the end of this Post. To quickly find materials you need, press CTRL-F (windows) or CMD-F (mac). Request links are in black. Gift links are green. For other Gift and Request Links, read “Notes” at end of table.

The “X” Materials and Goods
  •   ,,X” materials are indeed rare.
    Cityville still hasn’t released one which starts with the letter “X
    Though the closest one has a name “Baggage X-ray. But that starts with “B” and you can find that on the list of “B” materials
The “Y” Materials and Decorations
The “Z” Materials

Notes : The above links are working as of February 29, 2012.

Happy Cityville-ing! All Links ,,

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