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In Cityville, We need many Facebook Friends for Great Neighbors

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aimreal In Cityville, We need many Facebook Friends for Great Neighbors

To level up faster in Facebook Games, have as many Friends who play the game and be neighbors.

And the most important keywords there are “Friends who play the game.” It’s much better to become neighbors with your friends who play the game. Because neighbors who play the game return favors, gift back, post bonuses, give collectibles and help you out around your city everyday or just every now and then.

It may seem simple to do, but that depends on what Facebook Game you’re gonna play. And in Cityville, having many neighboring friends is a big help in almost all aspects of the game like unlocking new houses, setting up profitable businesses, franchising, completing quests and most importantly, giving gifts.

And with all of these in mind, the unfortunate thing to ask yourself is, what friends do you have? Who and how many among them you should be neighbors with?

If you have a Facebook account just to keep in touch with your family and closest of friends. You know, your very own space in the world wide web to swap personal pictures, tell intimate stories and gossips, in-the-know invites to happenings and parties etc., etc., which all in all falls into the category of utmost importance of personal privacy. Then, having neighbors is not one of your strong cards to level up faster in Cityville. Or in any social games in Facebook.

Let’s face it, Facebook is not so keen in keeping your privacy private. Are you willing to invite “friends of friends” whom you haven’t met in person? Or even invite “Everyone” who are in every way possible, complete strangers to you and your family?!

If you are willing to compromise your privacy, then by all means go ahead and invite friends of your friends, who are technically labeled by Facebook as your “friends of friends.” Or, another way to put it, your second layer of friends whom are connected to you by anyone on your Friends List. If you wanna start playing Cityville with many neighbors, this is an acceptable way for you to invite neighbors in any Facebook Game. Accept “friends of friends” officially as your own friend first and then invite them to play Cityville.

The big no-no of course, is posting invites at forums or creating another account just for playing games. Why that’s so bad? Well, it’s kinda against Facebook’s rulebook. Even if there are so many Facebook users out there to count by now, if by a slim chance you get caught, there are consequences and you’ll have to deal with them all on your own.

But then again, if you can have 15 or so of your family and closest of friends who are already playing Cityville or will play Cityville and be neighbors with you, well, well, well, I guess you’re in luck.

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