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Empires and Allies’ Attack and Defend : Basic Strategy Guide

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aimreal1 Empires and Allies Attack and Defend : Basic Strategy Guide
What You Need to Become the Ultimate Mighty Emperor : Know Where to Attack and How to Defend.
Did you ever find yourself being invaded every day or every single time you play Empires and Allies? Well, hate to break it to you, but that’s the main objective of this ever successful Facebook Game. Attack or Be Conquered!
Wanna know how to be the Mighty Conqueror and not the Many Times Conquered? Well, that’s not a good question to ask yourself. But hey, you get the point. This is not Cityville. To level up faster in E&A, you have to attack, attack and attack.
aimreal1 Empires and Allies Attack and Defend : Basic Strategy Guide

Where to Attack? And how to Survive!

Empires and Allies is a Combat Strategy Game from Zynga. It’s not the first one in Facebook, but its success comes from the game’s simplicity and the unpredictable elements of chance. And also from the fact that many people are playing it online, every single day.
As you may know by now, this is not a game like Cityville. This is not the game where you can design your dream city to make profits and you level up faster when you do it right. In Empires and Allies, you don’t even need to build roads. To level up faster in E&A, you need to attack, invade and repel friends slash enemies as that’s what the game is. You need to build an Empire. And that Empire means having a lot of Army Troops, fleets of Navy Ships and clouds of Air Force Planes.
But the name of the game is Empires and “ALLIES.” No one’s an island. You still need Friends and Neighbors to finish quests and campaigns. You need your Friends and Neighbors to accept your requests and hopefully gift them back to you when you are in need of resources and research materials. You need your Friends as Allies in the game and of course, in real life. So better forged a treaty of peace. It can be a compromise, a schedule or anything like harvesting their farms every visit, helping them repel invaders in their own Empire or stop invading them everyday. Whatever it is, you better keep it for the sake of them not un-friending you. But you know, un-friending you for real or just in game is not a good sign. Not good in any way you’d put it. Remember, Empires and Allies is just a game.
With all that said, here is the list of reminders and preparations you need to do first before launching any attack. May it be attacking evil masterminds in campaigns, invading fellow friends and neighbors’ Empire or repelling invaders on your own turf.
As they say, Commander, “Preparation is the Key.”

Empires and Allies’ Preparation Checklist
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Updated : August 19, 2011

Empires and Allies’ Offensive Attack Checklist
aimreal1 Empires and Allies Attack and Defend : Basic Strategy Guide

#1 Harvest First Before Attacking
Your Energy is Limited. Better make use of it wisely.

Well, this is kinda like a gray area. “To harvest first, or to attack?” is more like a rule of preference. But since coins are easily collected during any successful attacks, then it’s just a matter of how many Oil Wells, Lumber Mills and Ore Mines you need to harvest.
Since you have to stock up on Army, Navy and Air Force Units, harvesting all Oil Wells first before doing any invasions sounds like a very good idea. Harvest wood and ores only when needed. Esp. when you wanna build another resource producing building or new government buildings.
Now, energy is needed in anything you do in Empires and Allies, you should always keep in mind or if you can, plan how to spend your precious little energy. If you want to harvest and still want to invade someone, then have at least 10 energy points left on your yellow bar. Since energy can also be collected during attacks, you’d most probably can still complete an attack with 10 energy points. Of course, when you run out of energy during a battle, you can always continue an attack at a later time. But that’s not good plan to do so. Since all military units fighting for that paused or to-be-continued battle is grayed out back home or on your own Empire, then these grayed out units are useless. They take up strategic space, but can’t do anything to defend your Empire. By then, who’s gonna defend your land now?
In terms of energy, you have to plan ahead. If you really want more energy to use everyday, either ask for some energy from friends and neighbors by sending them a gift and hoping for them to return the favor. Or post an “out of energy” request on your wall. Or request some energy by using these material links. Just remember, you can only store 15 energy packs from each type: energy +1, energy +2, energy +3, energy +10, etc.
aimreal1 Empires and Allies Attack and Defend : Basic Strategy Guide

#2 Help Your Neighboring Empires First Before Attacking
Visit Your Friends’ Empires to Collect One Additional Energy from helping them out. And don’t forget to buy Materials they’re selling at their Markets if need additional Resources.

Since we only produce one kind of Ore, out of these five: Aluminum, Copper, Gold, Iron and Uranium, buying needed Ores from Neighbors is a great way to finish quest and buildings faster. You can also request some ores through material links everyday, if you like.
And on a side note, Repelling is just another form of Attack. So, successfully repelling invaders out of your neighbors Empire is considered helping them out, hence the “Red Hearts” given to you. Don’t you think that’s a better way to invade them?
Repel every invaders on their land and get all the Red Hearts you can have. Be the all-to-good neighbor you can ever be, then go back home. Rebuild your Army by placing some units to your land from the inventory if need be. Then come back to their land again and invade them. Yes, it’s kinda selfish in a sense. But c’mon, that’s the name of the game. To be a friend and ally, you have to help each other out, right?
So, you already helped your “Friend slash Ally” repel their invaders. And in return, your “Friend slash Ally” should help you back – by letting you invade them, hehehe. Yes, it’s insane, but that’s how the game works in Empires and Allies icon biggrin Empires and Allies Attack and Defend : Basic Strategy Guide There are no consequences when you invade a neighbor. The proof is that the invaded neighbor can still be selected as an Ally in the Campaigns.
aimreal1 Empires and Allies Attack and Defend : Basic Strategy Guide

#3 Main Attack Rule
When you attack, invade or repel enemy forces, any military units you lose, you lose permanently.

With this basic rule, you should always weigh your options before you launch an invasion to anyone or attack the evil doers in the campaigns. Check if you can afford to launch an invasion. Check if you have enough Army, Navy and Air Force military units defending your own Empire.
Whenever you play Empires and Allies, recruit as many Army Soldiers, Artilleries or Cannons and Tanks using the barracks as much as you can. Assemble Navy Ships and Air Force Planes in Shipyards and Hangars. And when it’s time to collect them, don’t place any of them in your island. Instead, click on the Barrack, Shipyard or Hangar to collect them, then click the red “X” near the bottom left corner of the gaming screen. That way, you store these military units in your Army, Navy or Air Tab Inventory.
So, when you attack, repel or invade neighbors and enemy leaders in the campaigns and lose some military units, you still have plenty of units back home. To defend your Empire. Or to launch another Attack!
aimreal1 Empires and Allies Attack and Defend : Basic Strategy Guide

#4 Find the Weakest Defended Resource Buildings When Invading Another Empire.
The Main Objective of Invasion is to Get as much Oil, Wood and Ores as possible in a 5×5 square Attack.

The weakest defended area means less than 3 military defenders or 5 but only one type of military defenders. 3 enemy defenders vs. 5 of your best attackers has a good chance of winning. And if the enemy has only Tanks, you have the best probability to win when you attack Enemy Tanks with your Cannons or Artilleries.
aimreal1 Empires and Allies Attack and Defend : Basic Strategy Guide

#5 Upgrade your Best Army Troops, Navy Ships and Air Force Planes in their Respective Research Labs
Depending on your Experience Level, You must upgrade any unlocked Military Research of your Army, Navy and Air Force to increase their accuracy and strength.

With all those strategies on attacking and repelling, the strongest will still always win. In the odds of 5 enemy tanks with 250 health points each versus 5 of your best 160 health points Cannons and not using any Power-ups, the probability of winning is about 50 percent. Yes, it seems unfair. So, why bother reading guides, tips and tricks when you can still lose in a battle?
Well, a true and mighty Emperor should know all the facts to lead an army, ships and planes to a successful attack. A great leader always weigh his/her odds of winning. Win or lose – that’s the fun of it, right? And that’s the beauty of this Combat Strategy Game. The trill of winning battles without “life” consequences. And Empires and Allies is all about the game of chance.
aimreal1 Empires and Allies Attack and Defend : Basic Strategy Guide

#6 Don’t ever Activate Your Embassy.
But if you have to, active it only, and only if, you’re wipeout and desperately need to regroup and rebuild your Armies, Navy Ships and Air Force Planes.

Well, it can happen. You’re wipeout. You now have no more than 10 military units compared to the large collection of Army tanks, soldiers and artilleries; Navy gunboats, carriers and battleships; as well as the Air Force fighters, airships and bombers. Maybe it’s because of luck, bad timing or just your plain old ego. But whatever the reason, you’re wipeout and can’t properly attack or defend your Empire. So, even if it’s hard to accept, activate your Embassy. Keep it activated until you can fight another day. As they say, better lose the battles but win the war.
Empires and Allies’ Defensive Attack Checklist
aimreal1 Empires and Allies Attack and Defend : Basic Strategy Guide

#1 Have as many Farms, Oil Wells, Lumber Mills and Ore Mines as your Land can hold.
Resources are everything, to maintain the large Army of troops, fleet of Navy Ships and clouds of Air Force Planes for attacking others and defending your Empire.

You can’t continually recruit Army soldiers and make cannons, tanks, ships and planes, if you’re out of Oil! You can’t make or build anything if you lack some resources. So, it’s better to pile up resources even if you don’t need it right now. Better to be prepared.
You can also ask for resources from your friends by using these material links.
aimreal1 Empires and Allies Attack and Defend : Basic Strategy Guide

#2 Build at least 3 Barracks of the Highest Level you can afford.
Build the appropriate Barracks, based on what the strongest Army unit you can make to defend your Empire.

Army Tanks, Soldiers, and Cannons are the best military units to defend your Empire as they only take up one square of land. The Cadet Soldiers, Cannon Artilleries, Vintage Tanks and the Hammerheads can be upgraded to full strength by just using coins. And they all can be found in Barracks I.
The thing to remember about a military unit’s strength is depended on its health points. The higher the health points, the stronger the military unit.
aimreal1 Empires and Allies Attack and Defend : Basic Strategy Guide

#3 Design Your Ultimate Empire for Defense

You should protect your Resource Producing Buildings as these are the keys to build your Mighty Empire from the ground up.

For detailed information on how to layout your Resource Buildings to better defend them, read this post: Empires and Allies Layout: Build the Ultimate City Empire.
Now, you know. Heed. Or not to heed. What guide will you follow?

The decision is yours, Commander. The responsibility lies on you. Stay safe and best of luck icon smile Empires and Allies Attack and Defend : Basic Strategy Guide

For more tips and tricks, here’s an exclusive invite to get the Empire and Allies Secrets Guide. This is a limited offer from one of our affiliates so click the link now!

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